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Episode 209 – Across the Sea, Part 5

Today, we wrap our look at immigrants from Japan with a brief discussion of Nikkei communities in the Philippines and China, and with a look at Japan’s own attempts to have Nikkei return “home.”

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A great article on the experiences of a single dekasegi participant.



Furukawa Yoshizo, mastermind behind one of the firms to set up shop in Davao.

The Japanese presence in Davao was such that dedicated Japanese businesses like the Osaka Bazaar began to crop up to serve the needs of the community.

Kurihara Sadako, one of the zanryu fujin.

Dekasegi workers in Tokyo.

One of the more interesting outgrowths of dekasegi has been the arrival of some Brazilian customs in Japan, such as this Carnival parade in Asakusa (the gate of Sensoji is visible in the background).


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