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If you’ve listened to the most recent episode, you’ll know I’m contemplating a change in the show’s structure. Originally, I had planned to cover Japanese history in its entirety in a series of 15-20 overview podcasts, which I could then use as a reference point for more in-depth thematic episodes (for example, if I did an episode on kabuki I could point someone to the most recent episode to give them some background before listening).

Lately, however, I’ve been thinking that I don’t like that as much as I thought I would; I’ve been contemplating switching over to thematic episodes now and just giving you background on a per-episode basis as I feel it is appropriate. This is kind of a big shift, as we’re just getting into modern Japan now, and I want to know what you in the audience think. Is this a good idea that would get you more interested in the show? A terrible one that will leave you confused? Let me know!

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Episode 10 – A Day in the Life of Edo Japan


Episode 11 – The End of an Era


  1. Hi, thanks for the Japanese history lessons! I like the short and simple interesting content. Also like the extra pictures on the blog post, nice idea 🙂

    To give my input, for what it’s worth, I think thematic would be kind of fun, but I also like to learn ‘everything’ rather than getting into too much detail. (Will you keep the episodes about the same length? I enjoy the 15-20 min.)
    Do you mean to switch to thematic concerning things in the whole history (e.g. kabuki throughout its history) or thematic in events (continuing from where you are in the timeline)?

    Thanks again. I appreciate your effort.

    • Thank you very much!
      I’m hoping to do thematic episodes based on specific events, though I wouldn’t be opposed to something longer (like the kabuki example you gave). I’m hoping to keep them to the same length.
      Based on all the feedback, though, I’m probably going to be continuing forward with the outline episodes and interspersing tangential thematic ones until I make it up to the present, at which point I will be going all thematic.

      Again, thank you for the feedback. Enjoy the show!

  2. Isaac, i want both the history as you have been doing it AND the thematic podcasts. the two formats inform and enrich each other.

  3. tony


    I really like the current way the podcast was going with the overview than the thematic shows.

    Thank you for the podcast, I really enjoy it!


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